Scheduled Server Test

I will be testing the server resource upgrade tonight sometime after 10PM Central. This test will give us another 2GB of RAM and (2) more 2.0GHz Cores.

If all goes well, we’ll stay at 8GB RAM and (6) 2.0Ghz Cores until the first week of January when I’ll increase us to 12GB RAM and (8) 2.0Ghz Cores for the season – double the resources we had on the server we just moved off of.


Thanks for all the hard work! I imagine you enjoy playing with new toys :slight_smile:

THANK YOU!!! Now when I get home from my 3 day kick-off party, I can finally use Chief Delphi without it crashing constantly!

Let’s hope for a new record on most people online at once! All we need to beat is 816 people from January 8th of 2011! Let’s go for over 1000 people!

Sweet. Thanks Brandon


You are amazing. Thanks for all you do.

Every FISRTer

Using the old server for backup, or may I pillage parts from it?

The old server was a leased dedicated server. It goes back Dec 8th., and our new CloudLayer server (2x power during season) is only $17.50 more per month. Success.

We’ll still manage to crash it during kickoff. I just know it. :smiley: