Schematics and bumpers

Posted by Tom Dissington.

Coach on team #3920, NASA, York Tech and Clover H.S., from Clover High School and York Tech, NASA.

Posted on 2/8/2000 10:59 AM MST

Hello all,
I have 2 questions.

#1 My kids seem to think that we need a very detailed schematic, preferable cad designed, about all aspects of robot construction. It is their impression that this is needed for inspection at the regionals and national. Any truth?

#2 We are taking a guard rail approach to robot protection, as oppossed to a bumper. We using 1/4’ thick U-channel around a wooden base toped with tubular aluminum to make a type of picket fence around the perimeter. Does anyone think this will be a problem?

Posted by Dodd Stacy.

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Posted on 2/8/2000 12:29 PM MST

In Reply to: Schematics and bumpers posted by Tom Dissington on 2/8/2000 10:59 AM MST:


Re your #1: No, not true. You basically need to be prepared to show that the materials on your machine are from allowable sources, that your wiring is to spec, and that you have used $425 or less of SPI purchases on your final robot. A list of your SPI purchases and costs is a must. The inspectors are very skilled at looking over your wiring and your use of parts and will ask about anything they see that they don’t recognize. A list of every part on the bot, and a listing of its source as kit, SPI, or Addl Matls List would be complete ‘proof’ of construction legality, but we have never been required or asked to show such a list. My read of the philosophy is that the Tech Inspection is mostly about safety/wiring/damage potential (and envelope/weight), and the principals of gracious professionalism apply to abiding to the letter of the rules on materials, etc.

Your #2 may be problematic. I don’t fully visualize your concept, and I don’t pretend to have fully digested the bumper related rules. Having said that, I think the concept is to absorb collision energy, and what you described sounds pretty stiff and rigid. I think Eric has said something like if it looks like a battering ram, FIRST will disallow it. These comments only apply to stuff that extends beyond the 30x36 inch plan envelope of the robot and into the bumper envelope. What you describe can be inside the robot envelope as long as all the materials are allowed. My understanding.