Schematics for a Motor Testing Board

In the off-season, our team wants to create a motor testing board that can test more than one motor at a time (example: prototype chassis). The motors we would be using are CIM’s and Talons. We wont be using a Robo Rio, and we would be running it without code, so we would need some kind of physical control system. The simpler the system, the better, as we need to conserve money for FRC season.

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If you plan to use CIMs (aka brushed motors) you can power those directly off a battery. A few teams on CD have guides for converting old drills into motor testers. Let me find you a link.

Edit: Team Spectrum comes in clutch once again:

An easy way to control up to 6 motors wirelessly. Works with any motor controller (or servo) that accepts PWM input.

I usually power the robot side radio using something like this:

but a VRM or USB car adapter will work as well.

I’m curious how people test brushless motors, especially NEOs and NEO 550s

With a Spark Max and a pwm generator (Arduino usually) with an adjustment.

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