Scholarship Help/Suggestions Needed

Gonna make this short and as simple as I can: looking for scholarships for FIRST students (I am a senior) that aren’t school-specific because the schools I want to go to in Ohio don’t offer FIRST scholarships to my knowledge (schools like Cleveland State, Kent State, Akron, Tiffin…) but I need help because I cannot seem to find any general scholarships to sign up for at all.

Any help, suggestions, or advice from alumni or fellow seniors is greatly appreciated. I’m struggling quite a bit and would prefer to get as much college money as I can under my belt since I really have to rely on scholarships and grants. On the other hand, other suggestions for scholarships and grants outside of FIRST would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. if it helps any, my field of study is Information Technology, specifically Cybersecurity/Information Assurance.

Your guidance office should typically have scholarships rolling in. In my school, we have to go there physically to check if we qualify for any. They don’t tell us we do. I legit just heard of a “Tall boy/girl scholarship” from a college representative the other day. Legit go on google and look up some weird stuff. You never know what you’ll hit!

Here’s one for those who wear glasses:

This school isn’t on your list but if you’re looking at schools in Ohio I’d highly recommend Case Western Reserve! They offer a FIRST scholarship for $10k per year and the school itself is fantastic.

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This is a late reply, but there are actually plenty of scholarships available for FIRST alumni in schools across Ohio, including Case Western, tOSU, UC, Dayton, and Xavier. You can filter scholarships by states via the Scholarship Portal here:

And because we’re biased, let us know if you decide to come to The Ohio State University. We’ve got a pretty big alumni group that you can find out more about here:!

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