Scholarship winners??

can anyone direct me…to a site (from FIRST or TEAM) where ALL the scholorships name winners and team number.??? if anyone has this info please reply thanx a lot…

email me at [email protected]
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Ria Daas of Team 357 won a scholarship to The Florida institute of technology… :smiley:

:frowning: No big scholarships for me, but I did win a FIRST scholarship to Clarkson next year… even though they forgot to announce it! blah to them, but I’m still going there next year!

Dave Belling form team 93 got the $20,000 scholarship form MTU

Mark Whitehouse, from 814, got a scholarship to San Jose State University.

I heard that theres a person who won 3 sholarships…who is this person? and which team is she from?

Christina something from team 975. I talked to her a little bit at VCU and at nats, and got pretty excited when I heard her name 3 times for the scholarships.


Andrea Tribo from #365 won an ASME scholarship. I didn’t want to post about myself (stupid humility), but I won the University of Delaware Scholarship.

Uhh… thanx brian…

If you felt weird saying it, [and since you posted for me] I will…

Brian Lucas from MOE 365 got a UD/FIRST scholarship!!!

anyone know if they have a list on the FIRST website?


Finally they DO have the scholarship page up on the first website…it took them so long ( a week) casue they had a water break in the FIRST HQ which…somehow wiped out the servers…but oh well its up there…