scholarships info 2012

hello dude.

i need information for scholarship’s website.
do you know where is website that provide us money for college?
with out essay …

thanks in advance

i suggest you to apply at

my friend was won last year from that site

i hope its helping

FIRST has many scholarship for high school seniors who are in one of their programs. For more information you can go to look through them and search.

In my experience when I graduated 3 years ago and currently when I try to apply for scholarships, they all require a “essay” of some sort. Some are simple like “How have you benefited the community?” to “How do you plan to make a difference in the world?”

If you are looking for more of a drawing(where they just pick a random person) you can always search google for scholarship websites. There are many out there and some do have that.

Good luck and I hope you succeed in college.