My team would like to set up a scholarship system for our seniors, but we really don’t know how do go about doing it. This would be a scholarship from the team that could be used at any college. I was wondering if other teams had something similar and if so how do you go about giving out the scholarship. Any information would be helpful. Thanks

I can’t speak from the standpoint of creating a scholarship, but until someone who has chimes in, I can speak as one who received one.

My team awarded scholarships to all of our graduating seniors. As they were announced at our school’s awards night, I’m assuming it was handled though the school. Once I completed the required follow up (Thank you card/letter and any other paperwork the school might have sent me), a check was mailed to me.

That’s nice to know. I will have to talk with the school about creating one.

This is what I found from a quick google search. It looks like checking with a local bank that could accept donations could be a place to start. Although I’d check with the school first as they should already have programs in place that offer scholarships.