Well I’ve got a few sides to this thread.
Let me start by (restating) that FIRST offers LOADS of excellent scholarships, and in fact, they’ve had trouble getting rid of some of them!
You can find out more info on the scholarships here:
And a list of the current scholarships here:

Now, I would like this thread to serve a few purposes.

  1. If you wish, and have applied for a FIRST Scholarship, let us know! Tell us who you are, where you’ve applied for a FIRST Scholarship. Maybe even post some of the essays/stories you’ve shared in the process.
    2. Now, I know FIRST is very very busy, but I still wish they would assign someone to update the website with the list of recipients during Nat’s.
    For those of you who are biting your nails right now to hear if you’ve received a FIRST Scholarship, that’s probably because you know they’re only showing them at Championship within the next few days, and if you miss the feed, you have to wait a few more weeks to find out!
    So, what I’d like to ask of the CD Community is, if possible, everyone could try to post scholarship recipients they see either over the web cast, or in person at Championships. The big issue here is that FIRST announces the scholarships at Nat’s (and I remember from the past that it wasn’t too easy to catch). It takes them a few weeks from there to post them on their website (and seeing as how they took a while to get the first week of regional results up… I’m starting to get worried. Neat little flash intro though.)
    Anyway the big point of this thread is to introduce the people who have applied for scholarships, wish everyone good luck in the Spirit of Gracious Professionalism, and post results of recipients as the information flows.
    Oh, and of course, about me :stuck_out_tongue: (almost forgot)
    I’ve applied for the VCU FIRST Scholarship. I was accepted into the VCU School of Engineering in early February (right before a build meeting I got an acceptance letter! I’m not sure how to describe the mood, but it was very encouraging!)
    I’m graduating this year, actually in a month, from being homeschooled my entire highschool “career”.
    I’m eagerly waiting to hear the scholarship results, and wish everyone else Good Luck on the Scholarships! :smiley:

i got the 40K automatic scholarship to FIT :), if you are accepted, u get it :slight_smile:

Cool, and congrats!
I did get accepted to VCU very quickly. I received my acceptance letter (from what I can remember) within less than 10 days from applying. I’m just not sure how to find out officially whether or not I was a recipient for the VCU/FIRST Scholarship. Were recipients contacted in any way prior to the announcements? I have received no information to date.
Anyway, my dad is in Atlanta now on business. He was going to stop by the dome if he had some time and also see if he could find the scholarship results, but his work is keeping him very busy.
I’m just trying to think of ways of letting the folks who aren’t at championship know of the results.


My name is Nick and i applied for the FIRST schollarship to Northeastern University. I diddnt get to catch the results of the recipiants to the schollarships, so if ANYBODY that was in Atlanta remembers a name for the northeastern schollarship, that would be GREAT Im dying to know if i got this :ahh:


and good luck to all those who have applied

Did anyone notice if there was a recipient to the Michigan State Scholarship? I just haven’t heard anything about anyone applying and it’s a pretty decent scholarship.

Hmm. Well, my dad stopped by the dome, and it sounds like I did not receive the Scholarship for VCU. My dad was told that recipients should have been notified. However, FIRST has also stated that not ALL scholarships have announced their recipients yet (at least, they say they announce the results that have come in by championship there). My dad was Told that My name wasn’t on the list. so I’m not sure if that means VCU hasnt turned in yet, or I didn’t get it. It sounds like I probably didn’t
But hey, congrats to those who did! I’m glad to know that I’ll be alongside 2 other FIRSTer’s at VCU.
And Good Luck to those who haven’t heard yet!

Sachial7, to let you know, VCU has already contacted the VCU/FIRST Scholarship winners. If you have not received a phone call from VCU Engineering, then I am pretty sure that you did not receive the scholarship.

You said to post a reply if we knew any winners of FIRST scholarships. I am one of the winners of the FIRST/VCU Scholarship. I guess I will see you at VCU Engineering next year.

Does anyone know about the WPI scholarship-who won?what team?what state? Any info would be helpful because me friend is itching to know if he got the scholarship or not, and we were not at the championship event. Thanks!

-Kevin Mull
Team 686-Bovine Intervention
VCU Freshman-Fall 2005

Yeah it sounded like I probably hadn’t gotten it.
But congradulations on receiving the VCU/FIRST Scholarship! I hope to see you around school next fall!

Anyone hear anything about the mercedes benz scholarships?

Does anyone know if the Clarkson Scholarship winners are notified from Clarkson by now? or no? :confused:

I applied to the SCRRF scholarship, but I didn’t hear anything about it at Championships…did anyone see who got it?

I applied for the Raytheon Scholarship. I have my fingers crossed, I guess I’ll find out by May 31st.