Scholastic Magazine article about VEX

I just posted a scan of the newly released Scholastic Magazine article featuring Cheryl Neilson (Team 341 Member and Wissahickon HS Senior). The article focuses on her mentoring of two teams from Singapore last year for the FIRST VEX Challenge.

Incredibly, both teams were hesitant to travel to the US. Cheryl flew to Singapore and convinced them to come to Atlanta. With her caring mentoring and high energy approach to problem solving, both teams went on to win the FIRST VEX Challenge AWARD. (the highest honors at the competition). This is one amazing kid!!!

Congratulations to Cheryl for making the Singapore VEX partnership such a success and thank you to our sponsors for their continued support of the program.

Enjoy the Article.

The picture of the article was too hard to read for my tired eyes tonight but where can I pick up one of those magazines. Doe they have them in regular newstands and stuff? I’ve got to get me one of those $50 off Vex coupons.

Head to your local elementary school. I know I got those while I was in elementary school, along with the book order forms.


Ironically, a VEX promotional pack just showed up in a colleagues mailbox and the article excerpt was inside. I will have to find out how to get copies from either Radio Shack or Scholastic.

I will let you know what I find out.

I’ve got some to give away if anyone is interested.

See that thread.

My math department head got the box and gave it to me because it said ‘robot’ on it. (I’m high school level)

There’s a $100 coupon on one of the fliers in the box and $50 coupons on the 4 page flier.

Yeah there is… and a really cool poster included in the kit as well.

I’ll post a pic of that in the near future for all to see and enjoy.