School Board Presentation

Oh yeah! I remember reading something similar to it. I’ll start researching!

You’re in the New England District? Hook up with your First District Leadership. They have probably made similar presentations, may have material that you can include and may be glad to offer help.

Visual aids are very helpful. If you can’t drag in an FRC robot ( not clear from your post if you have a current team) then borrow one. When I give presentations and have a few minutes to work with I usually lead with: “In FRC students get six weeks. Six weeks to go from concept to design to prototype to manufactured product. Oh, and to program it, test it, break and repair if a few times. Kids who can do that have learned things. Specific things like programming and CAD languages. And equally important things such as how work together to get a complex project done on budget and ahead of deadline. All while dealing with the Unexpected in its many forms, keeping their grades up and having at least some social life!”

“Employers and admissions boards aren’t just looking for these abilities and attributes, they are desperate for them.”

School Boards wanna look good.


(note: The social life during build season is more of an abstract theory. And I’m not changing the general tone just because there is no bag and tag).

Okay, thank you!

Yes I have a current team: 3182.

The problem is, I don’t think there’s enough room for a robot that’s built to the max weight + height. If what i’ve seen from past board of ed meetings, I don’t have much room. Keeping the robot back at the workshop is the best course of action.

That’s amazing wording! I’ll try to write that in. Thank you so much for your help!

Hello everyone! You guys are phenomenal for helping me with this report and presentation, I cannot thank you guys enough.

A little later i’m going to email FIRST District Leadership to try and get more resources to use for this presentation. I’m also going to send out a google form to the STEM Academy students to collect data on if they would want to have a program like FIRST integrated into the school, and if they want it as a class or as a club sport. I have scheduled a meeting with my STEM director to talk about our STEM’s Standard and how FIRST can help with it.

Anyways, if you click on the arrow below, you can see the new outline I made. I took your feedback and made it a bit shorter and have more information about the program.

New Outline
  • Introduction
    • Point of Presentation
  • Statistics
    • DELL Technologies Human/Machine Report
    • “Employers and admissions boards aren’t just looking for these abilities and attributes, they are desperate for them.”
  • FIRST’s Solution to needs
    • What is FIRST?
    • Mission Statement
    • Goals
  • Benefits to FIRST / How it can help the school system
    • Stats for FIRST Students (Graduation Rate, Females in STEM, Majoring in Engineering %, etc.)
      • Incorporation of the Program + Impacts across local teams in state).
    • Example: Ypsilanti (Make it short)
      • Incorporation -> Better grades, higher graduation rates, etc.
  • Programs to Include
    • FLL
      • STEM Academies in the Middle School
    • FTC
      • STEM Academy
      • Less costly / more space
    • Partnership with FRC
      • Work with local school system to make frc program a joint school system effort.
  • Items of Need
    • STEM Standard (?)
    • ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) Title 4 Part A
    • Sponsorship/Grants/Fundraisers

How can I make this better still? This is still for the speech and the presentation will still go the same way. I also updated my post so it includes the new outline.


Can you keep it fully anonymous? Try avoiding collecting any personal information when sending out surveys to minors. Otherwise you will want parent permission first.

One aspect of the FIRST experience I think you should highlight (although not as critical in FLL and FTC) is that these programs were intended to be partnerships with industry and schools. You will want to talk about how industry professionals are the core of the programs so they act as mentors and role models. The BOE and town council will have folks who like hearing this.

Not sure what you actually already have, but it seems like a lot could be missing from items of need. Common things that are a need are:

Teacher support (stipend is strongly encouraged. More than 1 teacher is strongly encouraged)
Building + practice space. I’d try to give both dream dimensions (maybe something like 120x40) and reasonable dimensions (a classroom sized space)
(frc and ftc in particular) access to any existing machining that may already exist, or space/fundraising support to add it (the following is for your benefit not for the Boe as it probably gets into too much details - at least some bench top drill press, miter saw, air compressor… There’s whole threads on this)

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I was on a school board for six years. In general, what we want is:

  1. The goal of the program–why should we get involved? What educational standards does this program address or opportunities does it provide that are not otherwise being addressed in the district?
  2. Estimated number of students impacted.
  3. Resources required of the school–space, staffing, equipment, transportation, etc.
  4. Resources you’ve already acquired so that we don’t have to–this shows you’re serious, willing to work, and that you’re not looking to have it all done for you. Include any grants you’ve applied for (or are planning to apply for).
  5. Brevity. Make it long enough to make your pitch compelling, but don’t waste our time.

Also, cooperation from the school with getting time off for students and staff going to competitions and providing transportation. Prepare for the best case up front so you won’t have to keep asking for more. This would include trips to your district championship and Detroit in April :slight_smile:

Yes! I was just going to collect grade and that was it for personal information.

Ooh yea! I can go into that for a little bit of my FRC section.

I currently have nothing but kind of a “wish list” of what I could mention. I left it out because I didn’t want it to be too long, sorry!

In general its mostly teacher support, space for storage, fundraising from local restaurants, and a “space” but I haven’t worked out the size. Thank you for the dimensions, it helped a lot.

Out academies here at the High School and at the middle school have a bunch of machining shops and equipment. I can try to mention its use and how important it is.

Oh yes! This too. Thank you :smiley:

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Got it! I’ll try to work with this structure in mind.

Hey everyone!

So I got called down to the STEM department and I got told I don’t need to present. The superintendent is proud and wants FIRST so I got appointed to help.

Thank you guys so much :sob::sob::sob::sob: I’m excited to start a new team for all FIRST programs.


Everything went better than expected :sweat_smile:

Yeah I went “Wait what?” and I got told I was the Student rep and i’d be doing it. I asked if I should drop the presentation and speech and the superintendent went “yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa sorry”

You could always have one of the mentors elected to the school board, worked for us.


Yeah, I’m going to see if the school board will take someone thats not from the district. We’re working on grants currently.

Another life lesson: sometimes, if you do all the homework, you find that you don’t have to take the exam :sweat_smile:

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Finish prep for the presentation anyway. Trust me, you’ll be needing it some other day, some other place. You should strive towards being able to give a spirited, no notes talk that can be customized to any length from five to 15 minutes. (Once I sat down with the CEO of one of our sponsors and could not escape for an hour, that was a challenge!).

You never know when you might need this. Last week while helping set up a demo a guy who happened to be on the school board of a nearby district was there. He helped unload stuff. A great captive audience.

The ability to do this is not common in kids. We’re putting one 8th grader on the team this season specifically because he, weirdly, is great at it.

I’ve done a lot of talks in a lot of places. (Including Cooperstown and an archaeology dig on a WW I battlefield littered with unexploded ordnance!).

Practice. In front of a mirror. With a stopwatch. Ideally when family members are not around to be annoyed.


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