School Funding

Just wondering what everyone is supplied with from their school, considering funds, sponsors, mentors, work time, basic backing from the school.

From our school we have gotten 2 teachers, some tools, a computer, and $750.

Our School Board (Toronto District School Board) gave us $8000.

Teacher Time
Cafateria 2 for ram and robo testing (a sight to see during lunch as everyone looks on the floor wondering where these skid marks came from).
Machine Shop (basic things like drill press and building)
Tech World (includes computers)
School Related Absance when we go to a regional or championship.

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**Just wondering what everyone is supplied with from their school, considering funds, sponsors, mentors, work time, basic backing from the school. **

We are two rival schools on one robotic team. RUHS provides the school auto shop (hasn’t been used for that in years), vice-principal and school district technology director administrate the school end of stuff. Two MCHS teachers come once in awhile, RUHS ROTC does our large printing jobs for free as long as we supply paper and the colonel has given us 3 small refrigerators, Redondo Beach Education Foundation manages our money, Manhattan Beach Education Foundation donates $2500 each year, We’re still short for money so they’ve met to have the school district/business partnership person seek money for us. RUHS Booster Club has a huge bingo operation where clubs get 2-5 opportunities a year for parents to work bingo and earn $500 for the team.

Our school or school board–give money to anythng besides football (schoolboard) or Science Bowl (school)? HA!

Our team is a combination of many schools in our area. My school gave nothing. The one leader with our school rarely attends meetings (because she’s understandably busy and lives a good distance away from our meeting point…not really worth the daily drive). She got us a $500 grant for the two kids from my school participating to go to our travel funds. (I’m half of my schools team :))

My school board (York Region District Board of Education) gave us 8k (CDN, thats our entire regional fee). My school usually chips in 2k(CDN) or so when you combine what our Student council gave us and what our super and principal gave us. We also have 5 teachers who take turns supervising us. We are pretty lucky.

The Appleton Area School District (AASD) is one of our main sponsors. We get a considerable amount of money from them, along with two wonderful teachers, and use of the tech. facilities (auto shop, machine shop, technology center, graphic arts room, T.V. media room.) Any tools we need are here, so we do all of our building at the school.

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One teacher. Nothing else. We used to have two teachers, but one of them got redistricted to another school and doesn’t have time anymore. We don’t get any money from the district, and at times, we’ve actually had to pay the district to use the building! We don’t have to pay anymore, but it was costing upwards of $200 per day to use the school on weekends.

The constantly in debt Oconomowoc Area School District really hadn’t given us anything until this year. OHS got a new principal and he scrapped up the $5000 entry fee for us, and we are budgeted in next year. This year is the first year we haev done almost everything at the school, the OASD is our main financial sponsor.

We get… oh… wait… WE DON’T GET ANYTHING! Our team is funded on team members credit cards and parent donations… hee hee hee… some of us are thinking of taking up theft… using the robot!

My school district…(Columbus Public Schools) doesn’t give much money. I think the first year they gave us $500 and that was it. all of our support comes from NASA(money) Columbus State(tech support),AEP(money), National Science Foundation(money), Battelle(money),and alot more money from other companies. we have to do everything outside of our building because we don’t have tech class’s. Columbus public provided a machine shop at a career center for all four CPS schools this year, but this was only available on Saturdays. Other than that almost everything is made at Columbus State (we make everything because we took a machining course at Columbus State) We have alot of money this year for some odd reason…i think we are even giving a few 1000 to other needy CPS schools.

really the only thing CPS does is sign us up for conventions that make them look good…(even though they haven’t done really anything for us)

Other Sponsors…GOOD!!!

The funny thing about CPS is that the district has 64,000 students, and a few hundred schools. Don’t u think they could give a little more??? Plus they just passed a bond that is worth $1 billion that will update/build schools in the next ten years.:o

We didn’t get any money, but The Fat Man is lending us the world’s crappiest drill press. Also, we are using the laptops that the physics teacher got this year. Other than these classroom materials, all the school/district is giving us is electricity.

Our school district does’t give us anything…really. I mean, the computers are already there so why not use them! Sometimes they may give some money for software, but that is few and far between! One of the science teachers is the mentor for the group, and the secretary at the guidance office helps with the marketing. Oh, and one of the custodians comes in on Thurs. and helps with the robot

But still, no cash. I guess football is much better for your brain than science!

My teams school doesnt care enough to give us money, but they do care enough to run the team without student consent.


our school board payed for our (I believe) $8000 Canadian registration fee on the grounds that we pay them back… which I think we have done now.

canada is so cool…what is wrong with the schools in the u.s.?