School Mascot

you’ve probably seen the crt306 logo…it’s a obviously a beaver

does anyone have a mascot that’s lamer than ours?

lions=king of the freak’n jungle
beaver=chews wood

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There’s a school here in Indiana that’s the Frankfort Hotdogs. I’de much rather be a beaver than a little dog…

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at least the dog looks intimidating

I think our beaver is intimidating … :frowning:


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I would say that the beaver looks pretty intimidating for a beaver.

My high school was the Bedford “kicking mules”…that’s right the mules. The mule is dumb, not tough, and can’t reproduce.

Fairfield, IL also is the home of the Mules.
The Midwest has its share of interesting mascots - the aforementioned Frankfort Hot Dogs, the Laporte, IN Slicers, the North Judson-San Pierre Blue Jays, and my personal favorite, the Hoopeston, IL Cornjerkers.

Well, the Schools that make up our team are a tiger, bulldog and a falcon… but our unofficial mascot is a “superman like” character :-p… the SUPER SPAM MAN

Eh my schools mascot is a greyhound. But I heard of a school, university I think, that has a Bananna Slug. :rolleyes:

what does a Bobcat mean? fast? stealth? yeah, i like stealth… :cool:

our school mascot is a bear, because we`re the Baldwin Bruins. even though our team name is chaos, inc.


Oh I think Grand Ledge High School definately wins. Their mascot is Winky the comet. It is a comet. With a face. And it winks. Very intimidating hehe

Well, since we’re the Rat Pack, the high school does have a rat that looks like it’s been doing a bit of bodybuilding. Lame? Nope. A little bit cheesy? Of course.

What’s a mascot without the cheese, anyway?

Rat, cheese… No pun intended

i think beth takes the cake but as for high schools, my home high school is the lightning bolt (try putting a face on that) and one of my rival high schools is the “flying Ls”… that’s right, the flying Ls. they have a pretty sweet story behind it but still…

Please, elaborate :slight_smile:

Beavers don’t need to be intimidating because they have something much more valuable… they are clever. :cool:

GO 1403!!!

correct me if Im wrong but arnt beavers on the endangered species list?

how intimidating can you be if your species is on the brink of extinction?

I sure hope not, 'cause they’re a furbearer in PA!