School project suggestions

Hi I am doing a senior project for my high school and i was hoping i could get several hints. My idea is to make carbon fiber shin guards for soccer. I am not sure what to use. There’s sitka spruce wood, honeycomb, or davinacel foam, or just find a light weight plastic piece.

Any ideas or suggestions will be helpful :smiley:

Make sure the product you end up using has been tested for biocompatibility and human skin contact for less that 24 hours. Some materials can cause skin irritations so that is why many shin guards have a pad inside to go between the guard and the skin.
You can find this out by using the UL product certification number ( 6 digit number following the UL logo) of the material and search the data base at UL ( This number is entered in the “UL File Number” field. In the certification it will state compliance to ISO 10993 for limited contact, this is what you need.

Good luck and I really like the senior projects that help the less fortunate and extend GP and FIRST into the community beyond robotics.

I would suggest that you contact your local EAA (experimental aricraft association) chapter. Many Experimental builders have a lot of experience with carbon fiber and othe composite fabrication. There are a lot of little tricks and things to make it easier. Most of these guys are more than willing to help. I have learned a lot form Corvette guys and airplane builders.

Good luck

Yeah I was planning on placing a polyester padding behind the carbon fiber. Also I am still trying to figure out what I should use for the inner core. Hence looking for suppliers I have started to think about using an eighth inch honeycomb but its the matter of finding a decent price and I know for a fact that would be the lightest way i could think of. Unless there are other products that are just as light and have a lower price.

Yeah thats a great idea, I never thought of that. Thanks for the suggestions.

Also if there is anything else that i would be missing please let me know. Anything will be helpful