School Size vs. Team Size

Hey everyone,

After getting into a bit of a discussion about the size of teams and the size of the school they are from, I decided to create this thread. This is a much better place to discuss team sizes. I wanted to see the variation in these stats, and I figured this would be the easiest way to do it.

So my questions are:

  1. How many students are on your team?
  2. How many total students are in your school (Preferably grades 9-12)?

Any other discussion about team size and school size is welcomed also.

For team 103, we are a team of about 30 students in a school of about 750 (Grades 9-12).

Team Size: 14 students
Mentors/coaches: 2
Active parents: 5
Student Body: 750
FIRST Programs: FRC and FTC


Students: 15-50 depending how you count.
Student Body: ~700

We’re 30-35 students in a 3000 student body. Probably a bit below average on the percentage there, but we’re not too worried about it.

Edit: That’s 1% to 1.17%


Team members: 35

Student body: ~800

Team Size: 60-80 students
Mentors/coaches: 12
Active parents: 10
Student Body: 2800 (Two Schools)
FIRST Programs: FRC

Team size: 30 very dedicated, 50 total students
School Size: 600-650

We go to a Science and Math academy, so our percentages should be higher than average.

I think it would be interesting to also comment on the area the school is in, and post the percentage of the school on the team.

Ours is primarily lower-middle class, and somewhat agricultural.

14 students of 1649, .85%

wow, looking at the posts so far my high school was pretty big! (I graduated last year, so my numbers might be a little off, but based on previous years this is what our team generally is)

Team Size: usually 20-30 students
Mentors: 4
School Coaches/Mentors: 2
Involved Parents: 5-6
Total Students in the School: ~4000

Team of about 60 students, maybe 30 mentors and parents, school of 3500ish, with the 9th graders in a separate building (obviously I’m not too sure on any of these numbers :P)

Team Members = 60
School Size = 2000

Team: 30-50
Mentors: 5-6
School: 3000+

2010-2011 Season
Team size: 60
School Size: 210

Usually it’s usually around 30-40 students with a student body of 220 or so.

Team Size: 40 students
Mentors/coaches: 21
Student Body: 1272 (according to the Section V website for sports classification)
FIRST Programs: FRC

Students: 20~30
Mentors: 5+ (new this year!)
School size: 3300

Team #111
Students this year: 85, average during competition season 65. The majority come from two original schools, Wheeling (WILDcats) and Rolling Meadows (muSTANGs)
Teachers: 3
Mentors: ~30, 15 active day to day operations.
Students from any school (6) in district including home schooled: enrollment 12,353 in 2010, two schools participate in Battlebots IQ exclusively.
Active Parent Group (30-40) provides support in all areas and assists with rideshare.
FRC, FTC, FLL support, VEX
Most schools have started Project Lead The Way.

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Team 341:

Members: 60 members, (40 full time, 20 part time)

School Size: ~1400


Registered Members: ~47

School Size: ~1200-1300

Mentors: 3-4 Teachers, 1 Technical Mentor, 2-3 Alumni

Registered Students: 24
School Size:3500

I don’t know exactly why our percentage is so off actually. There is a STEM academy within our school, but only about 3-4 people on the team are from it. Otherwise it’s a lower to upper middle class school.

Senior Students (11-12): 20-30
Junior Students (9-10): ~10
Mentors/Coaches/Active Parents:~10
Total Students at School (9-12):3500