School-sponsored Coach Salary


Hello CD - my school is in the process of negotiations with our local Union. As my school just formally adopted Robotics as a school-sponsored event, the negotiations team is looking to gain more information about FRC coaching.

So here is what I would like to gain from those that are in a school-paid position and how many weeks you spend in active coaching FRC.

If you could, please respond or PM me your information:

  1. State and School District that you coach in
  2. Amount of weeks you spend in active coaching
  3. Amount that you are paid as head coach.

~Coach Jurek

Some may be willing to answer your questions but in a more private anonymous setting. Maybe a google survey will attract more answers?

There’s nothing wrong with a Private Message if you want to share info anonymously. Although a Google Survey is generally a little quicker to complete/fill in.

I don’t think the number of replies would justify making a Google doc, especially as coach payment is done/run differently between teams.

  1. NC and the NC School of Science and Mathematics
  2. Contracted Time: Sept through June, really we do it all year long
  3. Was $500, now $200

We have a handful (~5 this year) of mentors as “paid” staff for the school so that there is accountability for the students. It also means we can then drive school vehicles and use school resources (classrooms, etc).

  1. Deep Run High School, Henrico County public schools
  2. “active coaching?” year round. Contracted time: January - April
  3. ~$1500
  1. State and School District that you coach in

Cass Lake Bena Minnesota

  1. Amount of weeks you spend in active coaching

Sept - Nov, 2 nights per week ish 2 hours per night w/kids
Dec - Feb, Mar 5 nights per week and Saturday 6 hr per night
Apr- June 1 night a week 2 hr
july-aug 5 nights total

420 ish hrs per year
3. Amount that you are paid as head coach.


$3.20 per hr

Wave Robotics has established two coaching positions that we have combined into one person that acts as the liaison between us and the school district (we have a strategic partnership with the district but have our own board).

Wave Robotics Varsity Student Adviser: Year round min 1x/week (she does way more): .08 of teacher base salary

Lego League (K-8) Student Adviser: As needed to run the FLL programs during the season with sporadic recruiting off-season: .04 of teacher base salary.

So to do this position she is receiving .12 (which is the same as our varsity football coach) of what ever the starting salary of a new teacher is which is about $4,620.

A few years back, before I joined the team, 2338 worked with our district/union to set up stipends for coaches for the FRC team. We have plans for the near future to work to add ones for FTC coaches as well.

I think the numbers are close to right off the top of my head.

1 Head Coach ~$3000
1 Asst. Coach ~$2000
We meet 2+ days per week in the fall for team meetings. Does not include coach meetings, parent meetings, emails, calls, etc.

1 Head Coach ~$3000
2 Asst. Coach ~$2000
Build we meet 6-7 days per week. I personally (head coach) average 30-32 hours with students per week of build. Then add on hours for planning, mentor/coach meetings, ordering, working with suppliers, etc. The Asst. Coaches are there just as often.

We also meet during the summer, but this isn’t covered.

Salary isn’t really the correct term, its more of a stipend.

I worked on a proposal in the past to adjust the stipend that the FRC Team was receiving from the school district.

Our proposal was to give the FRC Team the same level of financial support as the school’s football team, including having the same number of coaches for the team. After proving that over 80 students were actively involved with the team, the team having a track record of success in competition and academically.

After the presentation Jimmies were clearly rustled (especially since the student captain that year was also a captain on the football team). We ended up with a 300% increase in team funding from the district and a significant stipend raise, however we did not gain additional coaching staff, or the full amount that we requested. However, we “did get support of the school’s robotics team” added to the job requirements within the tech ed department, so there is hope that we can make a difference again in the future.

I’m not longer involved with the team, however they are going back again this year during budgeting discussions. Board of Ed members are incredibly supportive of the team, they understand that a well designed FRC program can substantially improve the academic scores of the district if managed correctly.