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Can any teacher or mentors supply me with information about the school they represent. How much the school supports them with services, funding and substitute teacher support.
I have a meeting with my school administrators next week about how they can help team 1447 with our needs for next year. If you don’t want to post your reply please E-mail me at [email protected]

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Our district does not give any direct financial support, but we are hoping that with the passage of the levy next year they will either provide a stipend for the faculty advisor(s) and/or some money for the team. They do provide sub coverage for the faculty advisor and for other teachers who might chaperone trips. This has included some short (part of a day) trips to do fundraising pitches for local businesses.

Our school (O’Fallon Illinois) does not provide support in the way of direct funding. They do supply buses to the kickoff and regional competition, both less than 50 miles away. They pay for substitutes and supply a small, $600, stipend to the official sponsor of the team. The maintenance staff is very supportive, supplying us with hardware, equipment and expertise.

Our schools’ only support is the teachers who work with the team. I’m pretty sure that no financial support is given. In fact, I’m pretty sure we have to pay to use school buses and everything.

Schools just don’t quite grasp the concept of FIRST yet. This fall, our school’s girls basketball team was district champions (they beat 8 other teams). They school scheduled an entire assembly to celebrate. What happened when our team won the Newton Division at the championship? Nothing. What about when we won GLR this year? Nothing yet, but we’d like to change that :wink:

The good news is, our superintendent came a competitin for the first time last weekend. Hopefully this will get our team some more respect/recognition at school.


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Our school provides no financial support. They do provide us with a dedicated room for the club, however. And when they closed the auto shop, we got all the tools we could grab including some aged machine tools. At one time faculty advisors to clubs received a stipend for their time but that disappeared in the rounds of budget cuts that California is going through. The school district now pays for the cost of doing the vetting of adult mentors. Theoretically, the club is supposed to pay for the substitute teacher for the faculty advisor when he’s required to be at the competitions with the club. However, I’m not sure we’ve ever been billed and we don’t ask. :smiley: Shhhhh! :cool:

This issue is going to be different at every school.
I am the faculty advisor for team 1002 our school does support the team.
We receive about $5000 from the principal every year from his vending fund. We have vending machines in the school and that money goes to the school for the principal to distribute to groups in need. The past two years our team was the recipient of the largest single amount of funds. We have our own room in the school and because of our award efforts he is purchasing a new trophy case for the building. It takes some work but if you include the admins in your effort they will come around. Our principal comes to the local event that we attend the Peachtree and Championships to support the team and we have a send of cookout before every event put on by the parent and he attends to wish the team well.