Which Subject do you hate the most?

Name the subject and the school you go to.

I hate English. English has been stupid as long as I can remember. All three years of middle school and almost 3 years of high school.
<<<<<<my school

I love English. AP lit III brightens my day like a spring rain…or perhaps a thunderstorm…

Math is my worst: studying and preparing for everything, and it still manages to lower my GPA. Grr…

last year, it was spanish (4 and 5), cuz our teacher was an incompatent english teacher from alabama

this year, its biology 3… the teacher is an idiot, and thinks we’re in 1st grade… arg… that class makes me so mad:mad: :mad:

Sociology…ick. It’s like ‘memorize the obvious…NOW WITH NUMBERS!’ I hate memorize-and-regurgitate. Physics is cool.

AP US History…that class was so awful! I normally like history, but the teacher I had was horrible and she rambled on and on about nothing, made us color and make stupid flow charts and do stupid review sheets that had nothing to do with the tests. I worked my butt off to get the equivalent of a B in regular US history class…uggg

This year, government class is a whole different story :cool:

ah hattid spelin klass…

  • dav

i’ve always hated english. since 6th grade, i’ve had the worst teachers, except for one year (9th grade) where i had the best teacher. it didn’t make up for my loathing of english.

i love to read, i have a pretty big vocabulary (i think), and like “dav” i can’t spell for beans :p. english in school just wastes my time, makes me read books that don’t interest me, and in general, bores me to tears. i can’t wait till i don’t have to take anymore english classes…

English, hands down…

mi fail eenglish? thats unpossible

^ almost happened, twice

AP World History, hands down.

It’s actually a Pre-IB class, but it’s listed as AP for our GPA weighting’s sake, apparently.

The teacher manages to take what could have been a semi-interesting subject and suck all the life out of it with her monotone voice and her excessive and senseless use of the phrase “in going through that.” She takes grades on the notes we take and forces us to write down definitions to vocabulary words she gives us, ensuring that we learn* her way and her way alone. (I’m sure all of you SPAM IB seniors remember and feel the pain.)

*blindly regurgitate facts

World History Pre-IB wasn’t that bad…I figured you’d be complaining about Spanish…

for me…its English (7 essays to write this weekend for Tuesday) and what’s the point of analyzing literature??? There is none! Read for enjoyment/pleasure!

…and Biology :stuck_out_tongue:

we have to learn in 6 weeks, 2 years worth of Biology for our IB test. The IB Coordinator didn’t give our teacher the syllabus for testing starting May 2003! :ahh:

Oh, I’d definitely complain about Spanish if they hadn’t wised up and given us a competent teacher.

But luckily, I don’t have to suffer through Sra. Austin like all of you did. :slight_smile:

I hate Spanish 2 (im only a freshman… maybe it will get better)
I also don’t like Bio- b/c i really don’t like the teacher
I go to Padua

Neither a bad teacher or a lot of work can make bio anything but fun. Unless of course, you don’t get to dissect anything or do biotech. That would suck.:frowning:

I actually like all my classes this year.

A lot of this is the fact that half of my day is “independent study.” I was able to skip doing the architectural design competitions this year, which is cool, because CADD is my major (2 periods) and I hate designing buildings. I love Lit AP, Gov’t AP is cool, because there’s a lot of discussion, Calc is too slow, but that’s okay, because I’m shooting for the BC exam, not AB, so I ignore the lesson plan. Physics AP is similarly cool, because my independent status means I don’t have to coax the learning out of the other three. I also got six weeks off to work on the robot, because I was four months ahead.

The rest of my day is orchestra (I’m the first chair cellist) and AP Study Lab (credit for ducking out every day to work on 'bot!). My schedule is pretty cool this year, despite the fact that I had to choose between physics and orchestra for the second year in a row.

I don’t really hate any of my subjects… I have like the best classes and have the best kids in them too…

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**AP World History, hands down.
The teacher manages to take what could have been a semi-interesting subject and suck all the life out of it with her monotone voice and her excessive and senseless use of the phrase “in going through that.” …(I’m sure all of you SPAM IB seniors remember and feel the pain.)

I also suffered through that class. I got a D on my first essay for her because I didn’t say exactly what she wanted me to say. Also, she told my mother that “Men can’t write”. That woman is the most boring teacher I have ever had. I learned nothing at all. Maybe she will retire before next year when my wonderful little sister (April) has to take that class. But hey, be happy, atleast you are getting AP weighting for it. Back in my day (Class of 2001), we only got Honors credit for it.**

first i hear alot of u talking about spanish and how u r doing bad in it, well i got left back a year in spanish
u r jus talking about one subject i hate
i HATE almost all but lunch and ummm
no nothing else
acually earth science is pretty fun

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**English, hands down… **

Amen to that one. That and Computers. I love to be on a computer, but the teacher is really getting me peeved.