SciBorg to appear in "100 Young Americans"

Just want to give you all the heads up that we have recently learned that team 1155’s very own Joel Pazhayampallil, who you all may know as JoelP, will be appearing in photographer Michael Franzini’s new book 100 Young Americans. The book which is coming out November 6th features photographs depicting the lives and activities of teens across the country and i encourage you all to buy it.

Simon Strauss

P.S For those of you who do buy it or see a copy of the book, know that our shop is usually cleaner than it was the day they took the pictures.

P.P.S. Im sure Joel will autograph copies of the book for those of you who see us at competition in 08

How cool is that! Congratulations!

The book has been published. It is in the cultural history section at Barnes & Noble. Check out pages 46 & 47.

Very nice.

Congratulations, Joel!