Science Innovators Fair

Hey Guyz,

we have innvators fair every year in our school.I participated in the innvovaors fair as my assingment for chemistry.There are 4 categories in innnvoators fair. Bright idea, Improved product, New Product and Services. If its possible can someone please give me some ideas.

Thank you very much for your help


how about a hydrogen motor…??
or an add on to a gas motor to use a mixture of gas and hydrogen…

Out in Pheonix the city power company was doing a lot with Hythane. It was a blend of Compressed Natural Gas and Hydrogen that they burned in a Ford F-150 converted to run on gaseous fuel.

If you want to come up with your own invention, follow the premise that “necessity is the mother of invention”. Keep a pen and paper on hand and for a week write down tasks or things that bug you. At the end of the week think re-read the list and think of ways to improve them. Also, natural disasters or big events tend to help spark passionate ideas. Things like this tend to catch public attention well.

What is your timeframe and what are your skill levels?

thanx for the replies. our timeframe for this is this coming wednesday, but this is suppose to be an extra curricular activity but our chem teacher said its 10 % of our final mark, so their are judges coming from outside who will judge our project. based on what marks they give our group thats our mark for the class. we have been thinking a lot on this project. this is the last place i came too. I wanted to make a product which is environmental friendly. Like last year we made a city which was fully powered by solar panels.

This year a green theme would probably play up to the judges. Try to come up with a good idea for recycling something very common like used tires or water bottles.

Well, step one to winning or showcasing a good product would be proper grammar and spelling.

After that go with something you enjoy. If you’re a longboarder, try and suggest an eco-friendly longboard design. If you like swimming, design some goggles that use no PVC or PCB’s. It all starts with finding something you like, and working to eliminate a flaw in that field.