Scooper Bowl 2003

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where FIRST gathers at the VA Science Museum in Richmond, VA to host the Scooper Bowl. Tomorrow is the date and from 10am-5pm. Bring a friend, bring a bot, have fun.

Who else is going?

Scooper Bowl?

If it has something to do with food I’ll be there…:smiley:

What is the Scooper bowl about? I have never heard of it…

Scooperbowl! It’s a fun day where the Science Museum of Virginia gives out free ice cream and does all sorts of demoes. We’re actually going to be demoing robots for all the museum-goers tomorrow, with a full-sized ramp and everything.

And… guess… who… got… to… set… up… the… ramp…

You all better appreciate the amount of time 422 spent in putting up that ramp :slight_smile: 5 hours… man, that’s time I’ll never get back.

I know I’m going to be there from 9-5 tomorrow, if only for the ice cream, ramp maintenance, and driving other people’s robots :wink:





I’ll be there look for Sparky although we won’t be there till later due to delays.