Scorbot ER 3

Hello everybody,
What’s the main components need to Scorbot ER 3 to make it compatable with new computer ??

We have a Scorbot ER 5 at college, and some ER-VII. One of which I installed. From what I remember they used a com port (RS232)

Here is a website for the Scorbot line:

And also manuals!!!

I wanna ask you Mr.Munter …
we don’t need a card to change the connection ,because the there is changing in the pins :
PC Computer SCORBOT-ER III Controller
(D25 female connector) (D25 male connector

Pin 2 to Pin 3
Pin 3 to Pin 2
Pin 7 to Pin 7
Pin 4 to Pin 5
Pin 6 to Pin 8 and 20

So the controller has a 25 pin connector and the computer has a 9 pin connector, right?
You just need the cable pinout to make a cable?