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I thought it might be a good idea for FIRST-ers to score other FIRST-ers team websites using the FIRST scorecard located here. Not only can you get a rough estimate of what your website might recieve when it is scored by the Judges, but heplful criticism can be offered such that you can improve your team’s website, raising the bar for other webdesigners. So, if you want to see how your website might fare, post it here. And if you want, score someone else’s website and offer some helpful criticism.

Alright, we are still workin on ours, but we have gotten compliments on it.

Something that i think is fun on our team site is that you can “Choose Your Flavor”, the color scheme of the site.

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Tonight, I will create an online form that can be filled out that matches the pdf file, I will see what I can do about providing this information to the teams.

The first part is done. (The input.) Right now the link is I am about to work on the output (should take me about 15-30 minutes. I will fix it up somewhat to make it look better, but that can wait.

Anything that I should change?

Basic output added at

Great idea, but no users :(. Might I suggest that you have combo boxes rather than text boxes so you can select a site and that you require a person to rate a site before they add one? I dunno, my 2 cents. If you send me the code, I could probably help you on it (even though it looks like you know what you’re doing).

Thanks, and I don’t expect much traffic to begin with.

What exactally do yo mean by this?

i think he means that you have a set list of sites that can be rated - a user can add their site to that list, but they have to go and submit a rating for another site before they can add their own.

Break each of the subcategories down into 5 points a piece to total 25 points for the category so that teams know specifically where they need to improve their website.

Otherwise, good job. It looks awesome.

How would you recommend that the other categories be given points? (The ones with only 3 or 4 subcategories.)

hey our web site is still a major work in progress, I wanted to ask ya’ll whether any of you know how to make the page fit the screen(width) using publisher. thanks.

I may implement your suggestion, but not until it is used first. By doing that, the first rating would not be able to be assigned to any team. I would also like to see many ratings, not just some for a small number of teams.

As for the combo boxes (“select” for those webmasters out there), I have given each subcatagory a 0-5 rating. I will take those scores and have them modified so they are out of 25 for the catagory.

Take a look at

I just wrote a huge review of a website and it says “Not Added”. This is the second robotics related script that takes a TON of input and rejects it. I’m very frustrated with this.

Sorry about that (I guess I should have tested it first :rolleyes: ). The problem was a forgotten field in the database. It works now.

New link:

Our site is almost completed. You can check it out here: Thanks.

Here’s one for ya - I had created this webpage about 2 - 3 yrs ago and it is still a work in progress as the actual website ( - does not work) is being redesigned by the robowizards student web page committee !

**[edit:/ eventually i’ll be adding a drop down menu with just FIRST / 522 updates.] I have decided not to do a drop down menu

Instead Im using the all powerful button. and it looks pretty cool. its not big and bulky compared to a drop down menu which could scroll on and on. just 24+ simplified buttons that are all the same length and color schemes. cheap but effective. hehe end edit:/]**

let me know what you think. its got almost everything except a Forum (which i will not do) and a few other things. check back often b/c its constantly being updated.

not bad for a person who knows nothing about HTML and only repairs computers : )

Team 35 Sigma Squared’s Website

Give our site a good going thru.