Score Optimization for Charged Up using Linear Programming Solver

I developed an Excel spreadsheet to find the best combination of which alliance partner should score hatches and cargos at what locations in order to maximize score for the 2019 game Deep Space. Score Optimization with Linear Programming. It was quite helpful for us for game strategy before each match. We can use that again for this year’s game because there are two different game pieces and also three levels for scoring.

The variables for the 2019 game were not linear because of the rocket but I was able to linearize it using something similar to the penalty method. The variables of this year’s game is also not linear because of the link score. I am still hoping to find a way to linearize it and run two linear programming problems. I do have a backup plan if linearizing it is not possible.

Anybody planning on implementing something similar? Let’s keep in touch here.


It has been over 3 weeks so here is an update. @dardeshna, a former student and current mentor of team 8, helped figure out if the constraints are written in a certain way, this can be a linear programming problem. Implementation is almost complete. Here is a screenshot of the dashboard using fake test data and match schedule from a random event I had a few years ago.


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