does anyone know the highest score in the nation right know?

I’m pretty sure it’s 135 points, set at least in two different competitions. And I know that we could have set 147, if we - I - had released our tether in the opponent’s home zone in one match. :slight_smile:

i know its higher because we got a score of 141 at nj and some one said that a team got a higher score.

The highest score in the country to date was match 91 (the very last seeding round!) at NJ. Team 637 and 224 scored around of 150.

Their final round accomplishment threw the seed ranks into a tizzy!

Talk about a finale!!


What was the highest score with a non-disabled opponent? If a team is DQ’d early, it would be easy for their opponents to pile all of the points where they needed to go.

you are right, but we scored 117 when OUR partner (22) was dead. Team 824 calculated wrongly the balls and gave us their tether. We won by 1 or 2 points.