Scores Breakdown from FMS in robot code

Currently there is very limited data provided from FMS to the robot, scores breakdown isn’t one of them.

I believe the value teams can have if Scores Breakdown from FMS will be available in robot code, is huge.

Mainly it opens the door to more complex AI decision making, but even for simple but useful things as visualization on dashboard.

I know it’s something that intriguing the engineering team in FIRST for a while, and hope in the upcoming season it’ll be finally implemented.

If you have scores breakdown available in your code, what will you use it for?
(You can apply an example from specific year)


I’ll start with two example from 2020:

  • Let the robot decide if to take it’s time but aim to the inner, vs. shoot fast to the outer port, based on scores margin, time left, and how close to achieve power cells RP.
  • Compare shooting commands, with balls that scored at the moment, to get live accuracy and act accordingly.

I think this would be a great addition, even before talking about your complex examples, just allowing teams to integrate the live scores to the dashboard might help the drive team make decisions on the fly, a simple example would be shooting instead of climbing in the end game in close qual matches.


I love the idea but I think before that, FIRST should at least update the FMS system. This year, we have seen many crashes and issues. The FMS is old and needs a lot of updates and upgrades. Hopefully update/upgrade the FMS this offseason


Adding this to implement more autonomous control would be very fun to learn and program decisionmaking into auto.

Agree with your point, even “simple” things such as visualization to the drive team is also important and can be improved easily by having scores breakdown available in robot code.

Isn’t it absurd that drive teams are having a hard time to see the scoreboard during a match?
Screens during events are at inconsistent locations, and a lot of the time the drive team need to make big gestures in order to be able and view the scores during a match.

Would you imagine that a football or basketball team can’t know what the scores are?


Lets start with designing a field in which you can see the time from every alliance station without the need of doing some king of acrobatics… :slight_smile:


Or perhaps put a timer on your own alliance wall so you don’t have to look down field to see it.


I would love to at least see the scores in FMS so then our drive team can make the call to play d or stay scoring throughout the match. I personally want time, score, and fouls. It just gives drive team more info to play with. You could argue that it is too much information and that only the good teams will use it and get an upper hand over newer teams but that info is very vague and will most likely not be used much. I just want it for logging.

I read a description this year of the match scheduling algorithm used for events. The most important goals of that algorithm are to avoid teams getting scheduled with insufficient turnaround times, and then to avoid being teamed with the same teams or against the same teams too frequently. However, one of the less important considerations of that algorithm is to equalize blue and red assignments, because the programmers of the algorithm were aware that at many events the screens were not equally visible from both sides of the field.

Having a way for teams to display that data on their dashboards would give an opportunity for teams to offset that advantage somewhat.


As I was a first-year drive coach this year, I got a tip from 1810’s drive coach in a practice match. Start a 2:30 timer on your own phone and hold it in your hand during the match. As I’m a bit ADHD myself, this helps me a lot because holding my phone in my hand reminds me to look at it regularly when I’m caught up in the match, so I can yell out when it’s 1 minute left, go back to climb, etc.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this, as it could be a potential H303 violation due to the wireless communication potential with a cell phone.


If you have FRC driver station opened (you should), you can get a live match timer on the driver station application


The easiest solution to this would be to take the on-field timer that is already there and just flip it around so that the alliance behind the wall it is sitting on can use it.

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Can you suggest a few?

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Yeah, even though I put my phone in airplane mode before each match, it’s a fair point to avoid even an appearance of impropriety. Thanks. I think I will purchase a digital oven timer for this purpose, as it really helps for me to hold something in my hand during the match.


This would also be really fun to make cool Shuffleboard widgets containing all the FMS data at once

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