Has anyone seen or gotten their scores/reviews from Autodesk or know when/if we are supposed to get them? It would be nice to get official feedback so that we can work towards improvements for next year.

i put in an email about 2 weeks ago.

nothing yet.

no big surprise.

I never got my scores back form last years animation, and it was judged cause i saw it played at nats, so I wouldn’t give up your hopes if you don’t get it this year.

we got our scores back last year, so we are expecting to get them again this year because I believe Ted told us that scoring reports would be available.

I got my scores today. Considering they lack any insight or information besides a few numbers, they mean very little to me. Anyway, here they are to humor all of you.

Content Communication - 30.6
Compelling Creativity - 30
Technical Execution - 18.3
Total - 78.9

I was also told we ranked 9th out of 45.
If you like, post your scores when you get them…


this was already in another thread but anyway

Content Communication - 28
Creativity - 26
Technical Execution - 17

Final Score of 71

Not sure if that’s good or bad, but I’m glad to actually get a report this year.

yeah, oops, I started a thread in the comp graphics forum about this, but I deleted it b/c I forgot about this one. Yeah, what are everyone’s scores?

Still haven’t recieved mine, :mad: ! But oh well we’ll see how things go.