Scoring 2 Cubes at once, G22 or G20

Imagine a robot picking up 2 cubes and placing them on the scale. 5 point foul vs. probable control of the scale for the match.

I saw this happen in a match. A robot picked up 2 cubes and placed them on the opponents switch, balancing the switch for the last 31 seconds of the match. No points for the opposing alliance for those 31 secs vs a G22 foul.

G22 states that a robot can control one cube at a time - Penalty Foul (5 points) repeated violations may lead to Yellow/Red card

G20 states that cubes are to be used as directed. Cubes may not be used to ease or amplify the challenge associated with field elements - Penalty Tech Foul (25 points) Repeated or egregious violations of this rule are likely
to escalate rapidly to YELLOW or RED CARDS.

My point is that a team can take a 5 point penalty under G22 to stop the opposing alliance from scoring 30+ points. If done early in a match an alliance could take control of the opposing switch (or scale), take the penalty and then have an easier time keeping control.

I think G20 is referring more to “you can’t climb on a cube to gain extra height to place on the scale” and “climbing on a cube doesn’t count as climbing”, but I could be wrong. My gut tells me it’s G22 not G20.

Placing two cubes at once is using cubes as directed - cubes are for placing on plates and switches, and passing through the exchange to be scored in the vault. Further, placing cubes on plates is specifically excepted by G20. G22 only.

Caveat: completely unofficial. I am not a referee or FIRST GDC/HQ representative.

Regarding this situation and G22… if you were the HR at an event, how quickly would you escalate to either a yellow or red card? Does it matter if it happens in quals vs playoffs?

I don’t get why there’s all this “escalating” and “repeated” language this year. They should go back to the “if strategic” language instead. Define strategic as “performing an action in an attempt to get more points from it than points lost due to fouls.” Theoretically a team could do this once in F3 and receive only a foul and I’m not sure what rule the HR could point to to red card them.

For what it’s worth I think it would make for a more interesting game if teams were allowed to take some strategic fouls sometimes, like basketball, but it’s obviously not in the intent of this year’s game.

Seems like it’d be 2 fouls and a yellow or red card.

Foul for G22a.
Foul for G22b.

I have seen stranger scenarios of multi-foul interactions this season.

I predict a no-call.

For those who don’t want to watch the whole match, look at 3310

Assuming you’re talking about the double gear…

What do you think should have been called and why?

Isn’t that a blatant G27 violation?