Scoring Application for PDA

I recently wrote a scoring application for a pocket pc. If anybody is interested, there’s a little bit more information here. You can download the source and installer from here

It was developed for pocket pc 2002 and runs on arm and x86 systems; I don’t know if it will run on anything else.

Thank you Robby, it works very well. I was going to make a portable version of my own scoring program (which I had posted on CD the first week of the season), but hadn’t had time quite yet due to being focused on the actual robot.

After installing the embedded Visual Basic runtime on my WM 2003 iPaq, it ran without a hitch. One recommendation would be to add a reset button to easily clear off the board without having to exit and reopen.

Cool, thanks. I’ll probably release a version with a couple of features like that next time I get a bit of time