Scoring calculator for PalmOS

I got bored last weekend and wrote a scoring application for the Palm. I don’t know if it’s legal to use during the matches, but at least it’s good to use when working on strategy. Feel free to take it and use it, and if you want any changes, let me know; some of my teammates said they want text fields instead of pulldowns, I’ll see what I can do about that.

I guess the forum won’t let me upload it, so it’s on our team’s server at


I tryed the link and all I could see and/or get was a few words on the top of the screen. Am I missing something or what??? :confused: I’d appreciate some help on this, thanks.

He linked directly to the .prc file. To be able to use it, you have to right click on the link and select “save target as”. Once it is finished downloading you need to install it on your palm.

Mike, I think you should have a pulldown that lets you choose if you want text fields or pulldowns :stuck_out_tongue:

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**Mike, I think you should have a pulldown that lets you choose if you want text fields or pulldowns :stuck_out_tongue: **

That’s what I was thinking Joe. We’ll see if I get it done.


I like your prog. There was one that I downloaded last year and actually used during the finals on the main stage and in the Galileo division. It let us get the other alliance’s score before the “official” one was released - saved us a lot of time.

~Tom~, the guy with the Palm Pilot last year.

*Originally posted by Mike Soukup *
I guess the forum won’t let me upload it…

prc files are now allowed as attachments…

Have you tested this on a Visor? It just crashed mine…

I tried downloading it into my Handspring Visor, and during the download it came up with a Fatal Exception.

Now my Visor is TOTALLY locked up and unusable. (NOT good… I have my life on that thing…)
Symptoms: It stays at the “Palm OS” screen and won’t shut down when hitting the power key. I tried using the pen pin to hit the reset button, but that didn’t do anything either. Neither did removing the batteries, reinstalling, and hitting Reset.

I tried telling the PC Desktop to delete the application, but since the Visor won’t respond to the Hot Sync button now to allow me to clear it, that didn’t work.

OK… So NOW what do I do?

I’m new to Palm OS. I did a Hot Sync to my PC desktop just before I tried to download it, so I SHOULD still have a copy of everything on the PC.

If anyone knows how to clear this application out of my Visor and get it rebooted properly, please email me ASAP, or catch me at the CDI contest. (I’d REALLY like to fix this BEFORE I leave for the contest though if it’ll take my PC to reload it.)


  • Keith McClary, Huron High Team 830

I’m pretty sure that Mike would have tested it on a visor, since that is what he owns :wink:

I’m going to tell you how to fix it on my Palm. The instructions should be similar, if not the same with the visor.

You said that you had press the reset pin. This performed a “soft” reset. This tells the palm to stop what its doing and start over. Since this didn’t work, the next step is to try a “warm” reset.

You perform a warm reset by pressing the up button at the same time that you press the reset pin. This tells the palm to restart, but bypasses anything that is supposed to run at startup. If this works, you should be able to delete whatever you need to.

The last step is to try a “Hard” reset. This completely erases the memory. To do this, hold the power button and press the reset pin. Continue holding the power button until the logo screen appears. After you release the power button, press the up button.

After you do a hard reset, you need to temporarily change the settings on you desktop software. Go to the hotsync menu and select custom. From there, tell it that the desktop overwrites handheld.

If none of this works, then it wasn’t the CDI software (since you said you deleted it from the desktop software. if that is the case, then you’ll have to delete things one at a time until you find the problem (or delete everything and replace them one at a time).

Hope this helps. of course it is probably too late, but I e-mailed you anyway.

Joe’s right, I have a visor (actually I had one until my teammate ‘borrowed’ it on the bus and didn’t give it back). But it doesn’t matter if you run the program on a Palm or Visor, they both run the PalmOS. Actually almost all testing of an application is on a PalmOS simulator for the PC, and it doesn’t matter what hardware it eventually runs on.

I can almost guarantee that the problem you’re having is not a result of my program. The application does not get run during a hotsync, it is only copied into memory (true of all applications you install). Plus, the only time my application runs is when you specifically open it from the desktop. It does not start its own sessions or set any timers that wake it up to execute.

My best guess is that some funky stuff happened during the sync, and it copied over memory it wasn’t supposed to copy over.

And yes, if you perform a hard reset, you’ll be able to get all your data back by performing another sync. Just sync after the reset and select the correct user.