scoring clarification

Just to clarify the scoring:

The winner of the match is the team that has the lowest score from the results when:

Both opponents - your score=

I am not the official answer, but …

The winner of the match has the highest score based on:

Number of jugs on opponents color - Number of jugs on your color

So, you want all of the jugs on your opponents colors and no jugs on your colors.


yes to both of you. 1st place and 3 seeding points go to the team that is successful in minimizing the number of juice bottles in their scoring zones while maximizing the number in their opponents scoring zone. You could look at it as the lowest number of bottles in your scoring zone wins, but be careful because that doesn’t necessarily mean you should or can get that number to zero. (the one pointers in the movable goals are not removable)

Yes, it is true that you need can look at this game as a “you need fewer points in your color zone to win game” but that is not how we are going to score this.

Your score for a round is as defined in the rules.

In order to win, it boiles down to having fewer point in your color zone, but in order to seed high you need to not only win but to score high. In order to do that, you must do more than just empty your scoring zone.

Also, you need to think about the fact that there are 5 places where folks can put scores in your color zone AND there are 4 other robots trying to score in your zone.

You may find that 2 robots trying to defend this widespread area against 4 other robots more of a challenge than you want to take on… …or maybe not.

Joe J.