Scoring from the Secret Passage

I’ve read the manual a few times now, and I haven’t seen anything regarding this. Is it legal to shoot a high goal from the enemy’s secret passage?


G27 A ROBOT may not transfer BOULDERS from the NEUTRAL ZONE to the opponent’s SECRET PASSAG****E. Violation: TECH FOUL per BOULDER

G39 ROBOTS are** prohibited from launching BOULDERS** unless they are in** contact with the opponent’s TOWER or carpet in the opponent’s COURTYARD**, and not in contact with any other carpet. Violation: TECH FOUL per BOULDER

Ah. Thanks. To clarify, I was suggesting that a boulder already collected in the neutral zone and transferred to the courtyard was then fired after entry into the secret passage. Thanks for the rule reference though. I guess one of the top side goals will have fewer possible targeting locations.