Scoring Gray Totes

How many totes can you stack during a match? Can you stack more than 5? Is there a limit?:confused: :confused: :confused:

You can stack as many as you would like, but any totes extending over the backstop are no longer scored. If all totes are in the most efficient orientation, a maximum of six can be scored, but there is no penalty for stacking more.

Here’s a helpful graphic to help you out.

The way I understood the rules, you can put the number of totes you want on top of each other and they will count for two points each… But if you put a container on top, it will only count for a maximum of 6 levels…

If any portion of a Tote is above the Backstop, the Tote doesn’t count., Totes section, first line. Otherwise, two points per tote fully supported by the scoring platforms.

Oh! Well, thank you, that’s a nice thing to know!

Also must be noted that you cannot score a container on top of a stack greater than 6. It must be entirely supported, transitively, through scored totes. A 7th tote is not scored, so thus neither is the container

And of course, if you’re fast enough, you can stack -and score- all 70 gray totes behind the alliance wall, in the land fill, and on the step, as long as they’re all fully supported by the scoring platforms and none of them extend above the top of the backstop. This will probably mean 12 or more stacks.

So does the backstop count for the recycling bin count against the backstop aswell?

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re asking. Maybe these will help:

  • Recycling containers score based on the lowest part of the container, and only if they are supported completely by scored gray totes. The scoring is based on “scoring zones” marked on the backstop, at 4 points per zone. These zones seem
    to be based on RCs being atop “normally stacked” totes (that is, with the 12" axis vertical), possibly allowing for a handle of a horizontal RC to drop below the supporting tote. If atop “normally stacked” totes, RCs score 4 points per layer of totes beneath them, up to 6 layers.
  • The backstop itself does not score any points in any case. As I read the rules and Q&As, an RC partially or wholly supported by the backstop would not be completely supported by scored gray totes, and would not score. (It also risks a foul due to rule G23: ROBOTS may not cause TOTES, RECYCLING CONTAINERS, and/or LITTER to completely leave the FIELD.)