Scoring Issue


We had a match at the Bayou Regional (qual 73) where we scored two boulders in the high goal. We lost by 3 points, but noticed in the scoring summary that we did not get credit for the two high goals.

When it was addressed to the FTA and Head Ref through a student in the question box, in the allotted time, we were told that they could not reproduce a field fault and that no person was responsible for ensuring that boulders were scored correctly.

So the boulders are scored solely by the automated counters and software. If there is an error, teams do not have a method for getting the score corrected.

I will upload cell phone video later when I get it from my student, I was hoping to have the Team Spectrum Video, but they haven’t been able to upload it yet for that match.

This issue/system needs a human overseeing it to ensure teams are getting credit for their hard work.

Here is proof that there was a field fault. I have video of the match and the TBA page showing there weren’t any boulders scored (when there were actually 3 scored during the match)

Video: Removed, the student uploaded the wrong match. Will update.


Obviously there wasn’t much we could do about the issue other than ask the Head Ref to replay the match, which he declined. Everyone, make sure that the scoring is correct after each match. Had we found out about this issue right after the match, it is possible the field could have been tested at that moment and an issue could have been found.

To those opposing video replay of matches: this is a prime example of why it is needed. Losing this match caused us to move down in the rankings by a significant amount (~5 ranks) and while it may not have affected our alliance selections that much, just think of the implications had we been top 8 at the time.

Refs don’t count boulders and since they don’t they are not responsible for changing the score in fact they may not be able to anyhow , however the field crew should have tapped the castle to make the boulder fall to be counted (if that is why it did not score) … tough break

AS for crossings that is ref counted.

Finally, here is the video. It is clear that we scored 2 high boulders and did not receive credit.

Did the boulders drop into the corral?

If the answer is “No”, then they are by definition NOT SCORED. (Section 3.1.4) Unfortunately, that leaves you in a lousy position.

If the answer is “Yes”, then you have a Field Fault. THAT needs a determination that there WAS a Field Fault, that it affected the outcome of the match, and that someone complained, in order to do anything. (TBH, I’d suspect that the latter two are pretty straightforwards–you complained that that lost you the match. It’s the first one–and convincing the proper personnel–that’s the problem.)

If boulders are jammed, that’s a different problem altogether, as they’re supposed to be poked loose pretty quickly.

You are not the first who got cheated by the system. You are not the last.

It is pretty clear that those 2 boulders were not counted, even if they went in.
you should contact First directly to address your issue. There is not much else you can do at this point.