scoring levels

My team is looking at the scoring levels and the game manual shows only 6 scoring levels. Does anyone know if there are more scoring levels such as a level 7 or 8? Or is level 6 the highest and get more points for having totes and cans above level 6?

The rules state that totes cannot be stacked above 6ft 6in. so there are only 6 scoring levels

It just said the robot couldn’t be taller then 6 ft 6 inches, doesn’t say the crates can’t go higher.

On the top of page 21, it states the totes will not be scored if it is above the top of the backstop (height of 6’6"). Nothing stops you from putting more totes on it though.

A Gray TOTE is scored if it is fully supported by a SCORING PLATFORM and no portion of the TOTE extends above the top of the

So the height of the backstop constrains the height of the stack. The backstop is also 6’6’’ tall.

According to rule (2.3.1) the totes are 12.1 inches tall. This limits the total number of totes that will be scored per stack to six.
Since Recycling containers are scored from their lowest point this means that the containers can be above the 6’6" backstop, and still scored, so long as part of the container falls within the height of the backstop. Am I correct in this interpretation?

Yes. At least as far as I can tell.

I would suggest reading page 21.

A RECYCLING CONTAINER is scored if it is fully supported by only scored Gray TOTES. Points for a scored RECYCLING
CONTAINER are awarded based on the lowest LEVEL in which any portion of the RECYCLING CONTAINER resides. In Figure 3-4,
colors have been added to indicate the LEVELS on the BACKSTOP. In both examples (A and B), the lowest part of the RECYCLING

There is nothing restricting the height of the recycling container.

But if the lowest point of the CONTAINER is not in a scoring level (because it’s above the level) then it wouldn’t be worth anything to put it up there.

And if you dump it over the side, you’re going to get penalized.

Figure 3-4 has an arrow above level 6. I took this to mean that level 6 extended as high as possible.

Crossposting this from the other thread, because hey it’s relevant, I threw together a diagram

Because the robot can at no point in the match exceed 78’’ (6’6), scoring mechanisms must be carefully designed in order to avoid a penalty.