Scoring over a corner of the robot

My team was looking at rule G109 and we are unsure if what our robot does violates the rule. What our robot does is that it can extend over the corner of the frame. We figure this won’t violate G109 as long as we are in our community per G109.B. Though under it it says it a tech foul if you score a game piece while extending in multiple direction. Our team is unsure of what rule overrules the other.

For any penalty to be called, the rule (black text) has to be violated. Since you are in the community, an exception to the rule, you should be able to extend in multiple directions freely. The penalty text (grey italics) only describes what happens if the rule is violated.

To get a tech foul from G109, you would have to extend in multiple directions while partially outside your community, and one of those extensions scores a game piece.

The only way this might reasonably happen is if you have one extension hanging over the barrier, partially in the opponents loading zone, or else a particularly long extension on the back.

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