Scoring Pegs

How far are the scoring pegs off the ground?

3ft, 6ft, 9ft respectively, i think.

the question i’d like to know is what are the dimensions of the scoring peg’s cylinder and flange

Please: Bad information is far worse than NO information. Don’t guess.

Zoey: Go to the FIRST web site and download the field drawings, the correct dimensions are there. OR use the SEARCH function in the orange bar at the top of each screen and search for the post someone has already made in the last 4 days with that information.

The top Peg is 9’ 3"

Actually, as of this moment, I’m not entirely sure that they are. I’m waiting to hear a final word on it before I make a major post on CD, but if you compare the team field drawings to the official field drawings, there is close to an 18" discrepancy. Our team built to the team drawings, and we believe it to be wrong. I’m waiting on official word on this at the moment.


Really? I haven’t had time to compare them myself, but I find this intriguing. Can anyone else confirm or disprove the above?