Scoring Pegs

I have been doing a lot of research on these pegs. After looking at 10 pdfs and doing photo analysis 7 times, I still can’t find a concrete hight for the highest peg - the middle peg on row three. I have gotten 98, 106, 110, 118 (which is what we are thinking), and 135 inches. Does anybody have a concrete measurement?

The top of the top peg (meaning the top surface of the peg, the top of the round of the peg) should be 112.74"

Thanks! We have been having a ton of issues finding this.

I was asked in PM how I arrived at these dimensions. Can someone please check my math and have another look at the drawings to make sure that they’re correct?

Looking at the official field drawings, the length of the bottom section is 58", the length of the top section to the bottom of the top peg is 53.08", and the width of the peg is 1.66". Adding these together produces 112.74"

These are the dimensions that I get in total:

Outside pegs (bottom of peg/top of peg)


Inside pegs (bottom of peg/top of peg)

I hope this is accurate and helpful.