Scoring Program

Posted by Jeff Corbets at 2/19/2001 1:54 AM EST

Student on team #201, The FEDS, from Rochester High School and Visteon.


I hope everyone has a successful final full day to build, debug, rebuild… their robot. Anyway, the FEDS have created a scoring program to rival the many competitors. The program’s features include:

  • Countdown Timer
  • Easy and Clean Interface
  • Calculates Scores for all Team Members
  • Provides Visual and Audible Warning of Time Multiplier
  • Provides a Projected Score
    Please post your comments, questions, rating… in the forum or e-mail me directly at: [email protected]

Jeff Corbets
Team 201

Posted by EddieMcD at 2/19/2001 11:19 AM EST

Student on team #121, Islanders, from Middletown High School and NUWC.

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Posted by Jeff Corbets on 2/19/2001 1:54 AM EST:

Damn thats nice.