Scoring Rules: Questions?

I’m finding the scoring rules to not be very clear and open to much interpretation. Both relate to scoring being done cumulatively throughout the match and not based on where pieces are at the conclusion of the match.

  1. Movement of game pieces. The last sentence of 6.4 states that if an auto scored game piece is moved during tele that the points are subtracted, but that the nod retains its auto point value if a game piece is again scored in that nod. This rule suggests that moving pieces will be part of game play, but the rules are silent on movement of pieces scored during tele. Say one bot places a piece in a bottom node and is therefore scored for 2 points. Can a second robot not move that piece to a nod on the top row and it be scored for an additional 5 points? I see no rule or reference that one piece cannot be scored multiple times by moving it to different nodes, or that it only receives the points given its location at the conclusion of the match.

  2. Creation and scoring of links. 6.4.1 reads: An ALLIANCE earns 1 LINK if 3 adjacent NODES in a ROW contains a scored GAME PIECE. A scored GAME PIECE only contributes towards 1 LINK at a time. LINKS are assessed in a manner that optimizes the number of LINKS awarded to an ALLIANCE. The main issue here centers around the addition of “at a time.” If a piece can only contribute one link why add this? An alliance scores pieces in nodes 1, 2, and 3. At that time they should be given credit for one link. Then they score a piece in node 4, by my reading should be given credit for a second link consisting of nodes 2,3,4 at a time different from when they were given credit for the 1,2,3 link. Conversely if they had pieces scored in nodes 1,2, 4, and 5 and then placed a piece in node 3, that would only count as one link, because at that time node 3 would be needed at the same time to be given credit for two links. Then back to question 1, if one moved pieces in nodes 1,2,3 up a level to nodes 10,11,12 would the alliance not be given credit for scoring another link?

Am I crazy? But in my reading of the rules, and there not being clear rules or statements that negate these interpretations, such as “pieces only receive the score determined by their placement at the conclusion of the match” or “total number of links is determined by their final placement. “. Have they created a game where piece placement and movement during the match is going to be crucial to game play strategy and scoring potential?

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Each node can only be part of one link. So:
[###] = 1 link
[###]# = 1 link (or score as #[###] = 1 link)
[###]## = 1 link
[###][###] = 2 links
I think the reason for the odd language is to say that this doesn’t happen:
##[###]# = 1 link


The first part of 6.4 answers both of these:

All scores are assessed and updated throughout the MATCH, except as follows:
A. assessment of CHARGE STATION scoring occurs 3 seconds after the ARENA timer displays 0 following AUTO
B. GAME PIECES scored in the GRID continues for up to 3 seconds after the ARENA timer displays 0 following AUTO.
C. assessment of CHARGE STATION scoring occurs 3 seconds after the ARENA timer displays 0 following TELEOP
D. GAME PIECES scored in the GRID continues for up to 3 seconds after the ARENA timer displays 0 following TELEOP.

So nothing is “officially” scored until t=-3. This is similar to climbs last year.

Since nothing is “officially” scored in teleop till after the match ends you don’t “officially” make any links or even score a game piece until then so there is no way for you to double up on anything because they aren’t actually scored until then.

Real time scoring is there to help you make decisions and update you as the match is going but that is not an official score and can be changed after the match concludes.

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I thank you for your responses, and believe and would like them to be true but as I am reading the rules I question if that is what the rules are actually stating. The opening sentence is “All scores are assessed and updated throughout the match.” Then proceeds the four exceptions. Yes for the Charge Station the points are assessed 3 seconds after the end of auto and tele. This makes sense so that once the robots are stopped, it allows the platform to come to rest either in a sloped or level position, and not just passing through a given state at time 0.

However for the pieces the “All scores being assessed and updated throughout the match”“continues” for up to 3 seconds. Similar to the additional three seconds for the Station they are provided to allow a piece released milliseconds before the end of the period to come to rest as is required within the parameters outlined in the rules to qualify as being scored.

If in fact all scores continue to be assessed for pieces throughout the entirety of the match + 3 seconds, I don’t see how these rules as written disallow the movement of pieces to score additional points and links by moving the same pieces to different levels and nodes. These moves are all separate robot actions. And no where do I see that the assessment of points is not points in the bank.

I don’t read it how you do, but that’s what the Q&A is for.

I don’t about as written. But as I understand your interpretation, it would seem an alliance could load up 3 cubes as a link, score their (3Level + 5) points, then pick up a cube, and set it back down. Oh look! A new link (3Level + 5) more points! Yay! Repeat until match end. We made 48 links! yay us! I think that interpretation is not what GDC was intending.

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