SCORing vs. STORing

Is there a ruling on robots STORING balls?

I know the rules say robots cannot SCORE, but I cannot find anything

To add to the confusion, one of the robots in the animation was storing balls and then dumping them out at the Player Station.

Our team thought that we could not store balls, but after discussion with some other teams I wonder if we mis-heard during the webcast.

I pretty sure you can pick balls up and hold on to them (storing), but as rule G18 says:

<G18> ROBOTS cannot SCORE or de-SCORE SMALL balls.

I believe storing is ok, but not scoring :]

The only way a small ball can get inside a goal is if it falls in unassisted or is thrown in by a human player. A robot can store the balls, but may not put the stored balls in the goal.

This is correct.

Robots may hold balls, but not assist the balls in anyway, into the goal.