Scoring: What (hopefully) will your robot do?

At this point, most teams have a pretty good idea what they are going to try to do and a general idea how well they are going to do it. So, if things go as “planned” from here on out, how many points do you think your robot will be able to add to your alliance in a match.

How to count - for the sake of this silly poll:
Autonomous: If you need help to score the points, divide the points earned by the number of robots you need to help you to score.
Totes: Only count the totes you are contributing.
Recycling Containers: If you don’t contribute the totes, divide the score by two. (Can’t stack totes, but can put on RC on top of six already stacked: Level 6 x 4 pts / 2 = 12.)
Pool Noodles: Full points for all pool noodles you can reasonably put into RC’s or carry into landfill. Discount throwing with the human player.
Coopertition: Full points if you can contribute at least two totes to a set or stack. Half points if you can only contribute one. If you have no tote stacking ability you can only claim “set” points here.

Again, this is assuming all works out as currently planned and that you have good match…