Scoring: What (hopefully) will your robot do?

This is a follow-up on a previous poll… I’m curious how things have changed over the last three weeks… I’ve also scaled the scoring up a little as quite a few teams planned on scoring upwards of 100 individually.

How to count - for the sake of this silly poll:
Autonomous: If you need help to score the points, divide the points earned by the number of robots you need to help you to score.
Totes: Only count the totes you are contributing.
Recycling Containers: If you don’t contribute the totes, divide the score by two. (Can’t stack totes, but can put on RC on top of six already stacked: Level 6 x 4 pts / 2 = 12.)
Pool Noodles: Full points for all pool noodles you can reasonably put into RC’s or carry into landfill. Discount throwing with the human player.
Coopertition: Full points if you can contribute at least two totes to a set or stack. Half points if you can only contribute one. If you have no tote stacking ability you can only claim “set” points here.

Again, this is assuming all works out as currently planned and that you have good match…

This is a fun idea.

Currently, teams are predicting that their individual robots will score several times more than the average alliance at a week one event.

Yes, I believe that this will be a relatively high-scoring game. The limiting factor for most teams will be time - how many times can can line up, pick up a tote, and stack it on another (or place the stack they’re carrying onto a tote on the floor and pick up the larger stack). The higher levels will be limited by the relatively small number of RCs available.

I agree that this has the potential to be a pretty high scoring game at the upper levels, but some (most?) regional quals matches will be hard to watch. The upper end will be really exciting though. Also, I think time will be a limiting factor for ALL teams :smiley:

Well… Robots are not yet finished and everybody is still predicting their abilities based of what their plans say will happen. Many teams’ plans have not yet fallen apart… Plus, folks are looking at “ideal” conditions: no driver errors, no interference from allies, no falling towers, etc.

I plan to do this again after the 17th to see if as many teams still picture themselves putting up over 100.

Let’s please be more realistic here people. In order to get >150 points by yourself you have to make 5 stacks of 5 totes with a recycling bin. Furthermore a good way to assess score is that a human will score 3x faster than a robot. On a good day, a person might score close to 300. Maybe, 1114 or 254 will go ahead and prove me wrong, but I think that is close to impossible. I think that the top tier robots (top 25 teams) will score between 80 and 100 points per match at best.

TL;DR: Could a human score that much in a match? Then neither can your robot

I would say that the limiting factor will be the teams themselves. I don’t think that the abilities will be a problem. If 3 mediocre teams work together well I could see them putting up some good points (similar to qualifying round in Ultimate Ascent). But I think that teams will be cocky, especially in the early events and will tip recycle bins over. compete for the feeder slots, ignore coopertition. A lot can happen to get in the way of teams and I think it will show the best of the worst for a while before this game really picks up steam.

No idea at this point, but if everything goes as planned (ha!) then probably around 120 points a match.
Now, assuming something crashes and burns (most likely) then more like 50-80 points.

  1. I would suggest that a machine, well built, can score more than a human.
  2. yes, 254 and 1114 will likely have great robots. However, there are always lots of great robots.
  3. 150+ pts: solo 28 pt auto; 40 for coopertition stack; 90 for three stacks of 5 totes and a bin. This is my team’s goal. Our prototyping tells me that this is very attainable. We might even go six high or be able to do a fourth stack… However, our programmers are being shortchanged (again) so we’ll see what we can actually do our first match. We may not make it, but we’re trying. We figure we’ll never reach Einstein if the bar is not set high.

I think scores of 30+ are overly optimistic for most teams. I predict low scores.

This might be better in another thread that asks a similar question about alliance scores, but what people are posting here are not what you’ll see during competition. So be careful if you’re mentally adding stuff together.

  • Only one stack can happen during auto
  • only one cooperative stack can happen during telop
  • getting a stack of six totes plus one RC is easy, getting that stack to the scoring platform quickly is hard
  • there will be a number of close encounters with your teammates
  • lining everything up from five-ten feet away is easy, lining it up from twenty-five feet will be harder
  • and so on and so forth

Still, I like this thread. Please post how you’re coming up with your numbers. :slight_smile:

How many points do you think your robot could score individually?

“could” is such an optimistic word…

We might be able to score 75 or so if everything goes well, but since we haven’t even moved one tote yet under robot power, things could not go so well.

I agree…many matches are going to begin with zero auto points because of a dead robot (or overly optimistic team), and it takes some time to put up big stacks. Alliances that don’t plan how to complement each other will sabotage their performance and points will be low.

I expect teams will see a large standard deviation for their individual contribution from match to match. You may have a maximum of 100 if the stars line up just right, but also a low of 15 and an average of 40. It all depends.

Each robot will have a natural upper limit based on its design and construction, but it will rarely reach it. We hope to avoid exploring the lower limits…

Our plan is three 42-point container-stopped stacks a game in teleop. Not sure if we’ll get there, but if not we should be able to do shorter stacks.

If we manage to fail even at that, then our robot defaults to a pretty lame forklift, and that will be very sad indeed.