Does the scoring system confuse anyone? Correct me if i wrong.

1 “Singleton” 2 points each. ( What is a singleton? I know it is just a tube that isnt in a row but is it just one tube or 2?)

Wow… been reading agin, thats my only question for now. Or at least till i read the rest 20x’s.

This is game is going to require a lot of quick thinking.

SINGLETON: a SPIDER LEG that has been SCORED, but is not part of any ROW.

Also, read the scoring example in <G54> of Section 8 in the manual.

Any number of tubes in a row (1-8) is scored by the formula 2^(# of tubes)

It’s also amusing that rows include any number of tubes in sequence whether in a row (one spider) or column.

Thanks, I guess i just have to read more.

Yup! Almost all the answers you need can be found in the manual. Taking the time to read the whole thing give you an advantage over others who are just reading one or two sections and have to post questions all the time.

To add to this gentleman, if you need to find some specifics use Ctrl + F because it makes life much easier if you do not have to read 50 pages for a one sentence response.


I created a program that can help you determine what is and what isnt counted as stated in the rules. It is located in the Technical -> Programming. it follows all the rules!