Scout Meetings


So I was thinking about getting the scouts from different teams together, and making more links between the scout leaders. If it’s for cross referencing data, working together to update a scouting system, and just kind of things like that. I was wondering if this was a good idea, everyone’s thoughts on it, and how to improve upon the idea.

I was also thinking of setting up a discord between team’s lead scouts for quick communication.


I would love to participate, but sadly I’m all the way in New York so I wouldn’t be able to physically “get together”. Though, if you do create a discord let me know. I have a really small team, so being able to work with other teams for scouting would be really great.

I also need friends.

The main issues I see in your goals are the same that befuddle most scouting operations:

  • Are you and other teams collecting the same types of data? (Are you timing cycles, or counting what they did?)
  • Is your scouting system going to be able to update theirs?
  • Are you going to be able to get just the scouts together if everyone’s traveling by bus?

etc etc etc

1293 did joint scouting with other teams (5317 at Palmetto, 283 at Smoky Mountains), but after the initial training meeting on Thursdays we had a shared GroupMe and were all working out of the same spreadsheet together. There was very little face-to-face stuff; they even posted up in a better spot to watch the other alliance and we’d just send a runner to pick up the sheets for data entry.


I think that’s a great idea and I would love to meet up, but I’m all the way down in West Michigan. I think the Discord would definitely be cool, though, so if you make one please let me know :slight_smile:

It would be less of joint scouting, meshing team scouts, but it would be more meet during competition and compare already collected data, and on the discord it would be comparing, and ten we could talk about the systems of themselves.

@Kaitlynmm569 @s_krusinsky

I would love to include you guys in the discord if one happens.

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I think a scouting discord would be nice. Especially if there were separate rooms for different subdivisions (Michigan, Texas, Isreal, etc), a lot of data discussion could happen.

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I think that would be awesome, a huge project and a need to get back to worlds. I think a scouting discord wouldn’t be that hard to work out.

Their already is a scouting channel on the FRC Discord. I question the need for something redundant unless you need a more private channel, and maybe they’d let you add one like the regional channels.

I think it is good to get similar students together. It is a challenge to work together but at minimum they can share ideas.

For the most part we do this with general meetups or training, where the scouts can interact or have a couple training sessions. Having a specific event for scouts would be great. We have done specific event for programming and chairman’s, which have been good. Face to face is helpful even when later most will be online interaction.

Judging by the comments a lot of people would wanna participate in a scout meetup but live pretty far away, i’m from Israel so participating in a Discord probably wouldn’t even work out for me because of time zones…

I think the interest for a lot of people comes from wanting to see other teams’ scouting systems, and what could really help with that is better documentation. There’s not much resources floating around about scouting in FRC beyond some of the basic stuff, i would actually love to see more of different teams’ scouting systems.

Also, have you thought of reaching out to some local teams for a meetup maybe?

The one issue with the scouting channel on the FRC discord that i have is that its kind of already a clique of people who mainly talk there. I like the idea of having another scouting discord because it’ll help create some closer relationships with those who join it. I like the FRC discord, but its too big, especially for an antisocial person like me. I like to have close, lasting connections with those who im going to work with, not just send a message in a giant server and watch it get lost.

I agree with @Billfred.
You need to carefully structure your group.
Unless everyone is using the same data collection & analysis programs you’ll be plagued with discussions of which system is the best.
If you’re developing a group to discuss what data should be collected, then it can be more inclusive.
The bottom line for you is to establish exactly what the goals of the group are going to be and drive those goals, otherwise it will get away from your original intentions.

This thread dropped, but instead of starting up a new thread about the same thing, I’m going to revive this one.

Now that it’s getting closer to competitions… If I were to set up a scouting meeting between the scouts of teams already at competitions, would I need to get in touch with the school it’s being hosted at or any first officials, or could I host an unofficial meeting off with out involving the higher beings that are.

While I would check with the host location just in case, as long as you’re not impeding traffic or going somewhere you’re not supposed to and it’s during normal competition hours I don’t think it would be necessary to get approval from the host team, let alone a FIRST official.

Taking a few minutes to send someone at the host school an email would certainly not hurt anyone.

If you are lacking a good number of scouts, or you think your scouting data could be improved, this is a very smart way to improve… 1. Team connections/relationships 2. Consistency of data 3. It’s just a good idea. It helps you, it helps others. There aren’t many cons.

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Scouting is based on quality , I can track the quality of our scouts not others. I want data consistency.

I think meeting with other scouts and sharing data if possible, but even just discussing systems and what metrics each team uses would be great. It opens up the doors for teams that use scouting systems that are inefficient or inappropriate for their team size to find other options that work better for them. Even if quality is an issue as @Boltman mentioned, the opportunity to discuss different systems is a huge plus. For some teams, the scattered, potentially inconsistent data received from several teams may be the only scouting data some can get. The meetings are not mandatory either so if you wish to abstain from either part, you could do so easily. (For example, if a team wants to participate in the discussion, but not share their scouting data)



I think totally agree with @Zentangle. The meetings wouldn’t have to be about sharing data, though you could definitely make connections with other teams to share data, if you didn’t want to you wouldn’t have to. But talking between scouts, and for the teams that don’t have scouting systems or have bad systems, it would be amazing.

I know that if there was something like this when we were a start up team we wouldn’t have been throwing stuff together with no idea what it meant. Our second year we did pit scouting and then threw them in a bag with no purpose for them.


That’s a good point. It’s good to see what level different teams are on with the process. I might try to find out who would be interested in something like this in CHS. I know we really good strategy and scouting stuff, but I know some teams that are not very efficient and successful with data collection and strategy!

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