Scout Training Course 2019

Hello everyone,
Being that I’ve been involved with scouting my entire FRC career ( 4 total regionals and 2017 St.Louis Worlds), And along with my attendance at " Don’t Doubt the Scout at St.Louis worlds 2017. I have decided to create a course for any scout teams, individual scouts, or anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the complex world that is scouting. I am attaching the link below. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions feel free to email me at [email protected] . I am also looking for collaborators to help prepare course material and act as administrators throughout the course. It will be a live course, with material posted frequently and assignments sprinkled throughout. I would love to have as many people as possible in the Google Classroom before the start date on the 15th of this month. The Class code is


Hey! This seems very useful, and as the lead scout of my team, I’d like to be able to look into the classroom, but it seems that your class code isn’t working. Is the classroom still up?

Yes it is, If you dm me your email i can add you to the class