Scouting 2012 - Rebound Rumble!!

So, what do you guys think are the primary focuses of scouting for this year’s challenge?

Game Animation

There’s a lot less to account for this year, which is a bit nice!

Generally, a good rule of thumb to ask when discussing scouting is what would you want in a good alliance robot? Keep things in mind that you think are relevant and significant.

Game Scouting:
#: I am thinking that you would want to figure out what balls they score where; How many balls one specific robot puts in a hoop. This can be further broken down to total points.
#: If they can balance on the ramp.
#: How much their human player contributed.
#: The general items; Penalties, tips, pins, rank on how well they defended and handled being defending, etc.

Pit Scouting:
#: Floor loading
#: Drive-train

Those are just examples off the bat right now. Good luck with the scouting!!

Track penalties. The first elimination tiebreaker is the alliance receiving the most foul points from their opponents.

Match Scouting
-Kinect/ hybrid mode
-did they attempt the cooperation bonus?
-Can they pick off ground
-Did they attempt the multiple robot balance bonus

Ill add more later when I read rules more tonight


This year is going to be about how many total points a team can score, because it doesn’t matter if they score three 3-point baskets if another team can score five 2-point baskets in the same time.

-Autonomous scoring(Kinect or programmed, and where they score)
-Over the bump or bridge only
-Balance at the end of the match
-How they collect balls
-If the human player can make a long shot at the end (this might make the difference in some of the elimination matches)