Scouting Aid from FIRST Objective

Hello Everyone,

For more scouting information, check out The menu bar on the left will let you access scouting data from the last 3 years, as well as results from week 1 of Breakaway (updated today).

You may either enter a team number, to get an analysis of their results or you can select an event (regional or Michigan District) to get an overview of an entire event.

This information will be updated shortly after the completion of each week’s events.

If you have any questions, or if you find any problems, please let me know.

Also, take a minute and check out It’s free to join, there’s never any spam, just a small community of FIRST enthusiasts trying to spread the word.


That looks really neat! Thanks!

Although one question, what determines the best alliance partner? It says 1058 is number 1 and 1073 is number 2, but they really are the wrong way around. My only thought is that they are based off of the lowest number.

The best alliance partners are determined by the alliance that helped team xxxx win with the biggest winning margin.

I just finished a facebook app that connects to this 2010 Breakaway scouting data. Enjoy!

Week 2 data will be updated tomorrow.

Today I added all data from week 2 regionals and district events.

awesome site!! have you thought about handling the data input automatically? I don’t know what your server specs are, but I have a little script that runs on as a cron task entering all the data automatically every half hour

let me know if you’re interested… I’d be glad to help out if you’d like


Thanks for the reply! Sure, I’d like to see your script. I have thought of doing this automatically, but haven’t really taken the time to figure it out.
Thanks again!

FYI - I updated my database this evening with data from week 3 competitions.

sorry for taking so long to reply. I “broke” my webserver and thus lost all my files(including the script)… I was able to save my database however. I was able to recreate the script somewhat but it’s not identical to the old one. I’m curious to see if there’s any issues with it.

roger, feel free to PM me on here if you’d like to see the script as it is now. I’d be glad to show you

Everyone -
I’ve updated my database with stats from week 4. Sorry for being a little slow, lots going on right now.

Fletch, I’d love to see your script. I’ll PM you as soon as possible, probably not until next week. Tomorrow we pack up and head to MI State Championship.

Good luck to all!

One final post. The data on my site has just been updated to reflect the results from week 5. I hope everyone can use this info in preparation for The Championship. Good luck to all teams going to Atlanta!