Scouting "Alliance" for 2023 Granite State NE District Event

Our team, 2876, is looking to see if there would be any other teams interested in scouting along with us at the Granite State event this season. We can think of several benefits:

  • Less student burnout per team from scouting, since no team would need to contribute 6 scouts
  • Shared information and insights into another team’s operating procedure at a competition
  • Potentially, redundant (and therefore more accurate?) scouting information, depending on how many scouts we can muster
  • Just making new friends

We haven’t excelled at any of those in the past - we’ve burned students out so they never wanted to scout again, we’ve gained very little insight into other teams’ methods (and shared little of our own thoughts), and though we think we’re a friendly bunch, we don’t tend to collaborate or even communicate much with other teams.

We’re very open to thoughts on how the scouting information could be both gathered and shared. We’ve written our own app in the past, and could refine it for this season. We’ve also evaluated some of the available apps out there and would be fine with using one of those.

If you’re interested, maybe reply inline here or PM me, and we could discuss next steps for organizing.

I’ll have my team look into it. We are reasonably small, so it may be helpful.

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