Scouting app on both ios and android

Does anyone know of a good scouting app that runs on both ios and android?

Preferable features:

  1. Uses internet to backup to either a google sheets or a mysql database
  2. Has local backup
  3. Is either constantly updated for every year’s game OR has a customizable interface.
  4. Has the blue alliance integration to retrieve schedule and match data.

I have something close that I plan to clean up and release for this upcoming season.

Right now the Android version is 100% local data through SQLite and the iOS is through Firebase. The plan is to get them both to use Firebase.

No promises as to the current state of the code:

4901 used 2729’s scouting app for Android.

The beautiful thing is that their app will run on sub-$20 prepaid cell phones, cheap enough that the team could even own them and be okay. (We got a fleet of LG Optimus Exceed 2 phones, which were like $15 at the time; the march of progress means your $20 potato phone will be more capable than that.)

have you tried FRC Scouting Radar 2016 introduced by forum yet?
but i couldn’t find any similar app on AppStore, if anyone have idea abt this, pls share
(apk if you can’t get it from Play Store:

179 has a webapp based system we plan on releasing in time for next season. We use google docs for data processing so it should work for your application.