Scouting app platform

Of those teams who have created one. What development platform did you use? What would you recommend. We have a into to computer science class that gets into MIT app inventor. Thanks

The scouting system I created was done in python. Students bubble in scouting data in a scantron-like form, then it gets scanned into the computer and processed by python program. The data are sent to a website, built from a python backend (CherryPy), where scouts can see the database updated live.

I would like to create a platform like that too… But I want it to be offline… Any suggestion?

Local WAMP/XAMPP servers with simple HTML forms work well.

We made something that used QR codes to transfer data. Basically after each slave phone finished taking data like team, score, etc., it would make a big QR code with all the data in it. One master phone would scan each slaves’ QR code to get data from each match.

That sounds very similar to what my team, Storm 2729 uses, as explained by our Lead Mentor! I hope this helps! It works really well for us and is very organized. It does require Android devices, which might be a turn off. We use Eclipse for development. But good luck on your scouting ventures!

We built a system using PHP for the backend, and JS/HTML5/CSS on the front end— it worked reasonably well.